2.23.13 // Tunnel Vision.

Photos by Timony Siobhan, Hair / Makeup by Casey Kaufman

I recently had the amazing invitation from Tunnel Vision to shoot new merchandise for their web store. You most likely already know Madelyn Pendleton of (Jean Greige) and Brit of Disarming Darling, from the blogosphere and their joint venture into an online store is their cool new project! Its really great to see girls with talent reach beyond photos of themselves and into creating a living from what they most are passionate about. Be sure to check out Tunnel Vision and show these girls some love. They deserve it. ;)

2.21.13 // Just Another Misfit.

Sunglasses, Ray-Bans / Scarf, Zara / Tee, Urban Outfitters / Palazzo Pants, Zara

Finally back shooting for the blog!  Wow has it been an intense last six months.  Work has been so exhausting I could not muster up the strength.  Kudos to all you ladies who keep it up.  Had a wonderful day like old times with Andy.  We went to the new Top Shop at the grove and picked up a cute top.  We also cruised around a shot a couple looks before heading over to Melrose to top off our day.  It feels really good to start this up again.  Lets hope I can keep sticking to it!  All the love in the world to those who have continued following up and not letting this blog die.  

All my best,