2.21.13 // Just Another Misfit.

Sunglasses, Ray-Bans / Scarf, Zara / Tee, Urban Outfitters / Palazzo Pants, Zara

Finally back shooting for the blog!  Wow has it been an intense last six months.  Work has been so exhausting I could not muster up the strength.  Kudos to all you ladies who keep it up.  Had a wonderful day like old times with Andy.  We went to the new Top Shop at the grove and picked up a cute top.  We also cruised around a shot a couple looks before heading over to Melrose to top off our day.  It feels really good to start this up again.  Lets hope I can keep sticking to it!  All the love in the world to those who have continued following up and not letting this blog die.  

All my best,