4.26.12 // Amidst Corrosion.

Jacket, Isabel Marant // Tank, Barneys New York // Denim, Helmut Lang // Bag, Jas MB // Necklace, Tell Tale Hearts

Rainy, somber days this week in Los Angeles... Not much to do but be indoors window shopping the endless pages of the internet, cleaning, or having friends over for dinner.  Wait, that sounds like my everyday life!  I must live in a never ending rainy day!  Shoot! But, April showers gets to live up to its name and my life isnt affected by it. :)

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4.22.12 // Paisly Print.

Sunglasses, Dita // Necklace, Tell Tale Hearts // Dress, Reformation // Booties, Kelsi Dagger // Leather Jacket, EVER

A Visit to The Greek Theatre on a cold afternoon the other day.  All was quiet this day which was very peaceful in the Griffith Park area.  I saw my first concert at this venue when I was a kid.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Rufus Wainwright opened the show (who I love).  Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand.  I have had this conversation endlessly with folks in both lines of work.  Look at Coachella as proof as well.  And again, I am married to a musician (so cute).  I'd like to make it a point to start posting good shows in the area on my sidebar so stay tuned for that next little addition.  :) 

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4.20.12 // Weathered Woods.

Bag, Vanessa Bruno // Heels, Alexander Wang // Sunglasses, Dita

Imperfections have been acquiring my attention as of late. Weathered wood from sun and rain was the source of inspiration for this set. Ive been dying to shoot this Raquel Allegra dress that has been stowed away for too long! Raw at its seams with an insanely organic graphic line art atop the design, it is one of the my favorite dresses I own.

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4.19.12 // Vol. II

I wrote a post last night that was impulsive and stemmed from momentary frustration. I still feel as though my blog needs to change but I honestly did not take in to consideration the fact that my words could be, or were, interpreted as offensive. I don't talk about my life, what I do, or where I come from so it is easy to target me in that realm; which I get. I guess I hit my tipping point as far as what I could tolerate as an individual and instead of gracefully stepping away from my feelings, I felt the need to sink the whole ship. I apologize for this but isn't a blog an outlet, not a means for validity? I don't know. What I do know is that I want to start enjoying what I do again so I don't reach a point where I was last night and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings in the process of dealing with my own sh*t.


4.15.12 // Cowl Back Drape.

Accessories // Bag, Phillip Lim // Sunglasses, Dita // Necklace,

Such an amazing Sunday it was. A great day at work and an awesome dinner with the hubby and friends. Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont was insanely good. Everything on the menu is fantastic! For those who live or visit LA, this is a great eatery. Got this cool dress by Kimberly Ovitz on The Outnet; my shopping addiction cure. I could wear it everyday. Love my Rick Owens wedges... I could live in them for eternity. Hope everyone has a great week ahead! :)

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4.11.12 // Tangerine Motel.

This place is really called the Tangerine Motel. Every time I would drive by there I vowed to myself I was going to do a look at this rad modernized bright orange painted structure. Am I totally weird? I always buy a dress before beginning something significant in my life and although this was a change from some time ago... I'm still absolutely obsessed with this pearlescent white Helmut Lang dress. Together with some Chloe heels and my Dita Mariposas, I felt fabulous for the 10 minutes I was there... even at a motel... I almost lost my keys and Leva had to duck dive into my car to find them but alas they were sitting on the side walk. Close call! :)

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4.9.12 // Sunshine State (of mind).

So excited for the Spring and Summer! Ive been freezing to the bone and I cant stand it! Its time for some much needed Spring cleaning to make room for the new season starting with my new Lamb and Flag tee. So... cute. :) Happy to pull out my Chucks which have been sleeping in the closet for way too long in my opinion. Kept it California classic with some Levi's short and Ray Bans. Most definitely a sunshine state of mind.

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4.4.12 // Take me to Europe.

Sunglasses, Mosely Tribes / Belt, Vintage / Leather Bracelet, Girl on a Motorcycle / Bag, Chanel / Shoes, Sigerson Morrison

Finally a breathe of fresh air from the crazy days of March! Phew!
I can find my clothes and accessories again!

Some lost treasures I fell upon were my super cool Dogeared Create Necklace which I absolutely love. Remember those fun bracelets? With my initial, my birthstone, and my astrological sign, I cant say anything else represents me better. You can create your own as well on Dogeared Create! My unique charms make it so my friends cant take it! You know who you are!! Haha.

I wore my necklace with a Theysken's Theory stripe short sleeve button up that Ive had for a while but still love endlessly. Lastly, my Current Elliot jeans called "the roller" which is my favorite fit. I have them in a couple colors. I never thought denim was comfortable despite what everyone tells me until I found this style.

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4.3.12 // Spring Uniform.

Spring seems to always be a light season for designers which at times, I enjoy. Transitional colors, easy to wear separates, and all around casual chic for day to day. This is an outfit I will be sporting a lot as each piece can work in to many different looks. Accessories that are unique and clothes that can support my on the go lifestyle is my goal.

Relaxed Skinny Denim // R 13 --- Sharp Edges Necklace // Nasty Gal
--- Black Matte Leigh Pumps // Surface to Air
Jersey Sleeveless Drape Top // Helmut
--- Graded Shopper Bag // Zara --- Buckie Belt // Maison Martin Margiela

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