4.1.12 // Golden Hues.

I am totally in to the snake print (and actual snake) trend at the moment. Got this amazing silk skirt by Lovers and Friends at Ron Herman while shopping in Malibu the other day. I hardly get back to my beach origin these days with all of the crazy city life.

The golden knit cardigan is by Whitley Kros which I snagged at Wasteland for pennies on the dollar. I do love a good bargain as well as the thrill of the hunt.

My new place is slowly coming together. Its been a tough move. Cant wait to share photos with everyone once it is further along! :)

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3.29.12 // Malcolm McLaren - his life, authenticity vs karaoke culture.


Personal style blogging is a wonderful way to share and express yourself. I also feel that as someone offering information and knowledge of fashion, I am also obligated to share other information that I, myself, aquire and are inspired by. I am giving away $100.00 of my personal money to one individual who watches the entirety of this speech and writes a comment with their opinion on the subject matter. This speech is given by Malcolm McLaren, someone who has infuenced fashion and music on such a high level so this isnt too left field. Malcolm was the long time partner of designer Vivienne Westwood and began her career in 1971. Joseph Corré, son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, is the founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.

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3.27.12 // The Girl Who Fell To Earth.

|Spanish Moss|

I had an amazing time shooting with Spanish Moss for their Summer editorial. With a Bowie movie reference as inspiration, it was nothing short of authentic and original.

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3.22.12 // Dark Dressing.

Alas, I am recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery! It was getting really old. We are in our new place which is sooo exciting and magical. My dog Helmut does not like the stairs yet but he is fat anyways so he could loose a few. Haha. Plans for branching out the blog. I am curios to know what my readers would like me to share that I dont already. I am gifting my LF skirt in this look at random to commenters with input! Its a size S/M. Happy Thursday all! Besos!

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3.16.12 // A Current Affair.

Attending this weekends vintage pop up marketplace, A Current Affair. Each event is a unique opportunity to shop rare and one of a kind items. Vintage items from the likes of Givenchy, Azzedine Alaïa, Balmain, Chanel, Chloe, and many more will be available at this weekend shopping event to be much more than average. You can still buy tickets at their website if you want to attend which will be held at the Cooper Design Space in downtown LA. Let me know if you go!

| A Current Affair Website |

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3.15.12 // Stair(ing).

Coat, Vince // Collar Necklace, Vintage // Scarf, Missoni // Silk Pants, T by Alexander Wang

I have had this Vince overcoat for some time now but it really never got cold enough to wear it. Its raining this weekend so I will be able to pull it out finally! I really love Vince and all of their timeless, easy pieces.

Nik and I are now in our new loft which is so exciting. I have this new obsession with home furniture and fun things for my house instead of clothing at the moment.

My beloved Justin Cooper (aka twin) called me today from New York. I just have to say how much I love you and miss you Justin. Hey! You were there when I bought my coat! ;) I have been missing all my friends lately but life is so hectic.

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3.13.12 // Faux Desert.

One of the many cool things about the city I live in, is its never ending backdrops.
I absolutely love succulents and flowers such is these.
Nik bought me this eclectic necklace from Pop Killer about 3 Christmases ago and I regret not wearing it until now. Its is handmade by some cool company here in LA.

Gifted this cool camo'esque knit dress from Love. I am always a fan of the neutrals so it was a perfect fit for the small heat wave of the week. The scarf is directly from a friends trip to India that they brought back for me. Belt is American Apparel and Bracelets from some random little store I frequented in the past. Super gushing over my Jellypop platform sandals. In fact, Jellypop makes an array of really cute shoes that wont break the bank. This pair is called the Birdie! Tweet! Haha. Their uniqueness yet classic look is perfect for the upcoming Summer and all the dresses we are about to show off! Thank you Jellypop!

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3.11.12 // Windy days of March.

Blazer, Novio Novia // Necklace, Fallon // Silk Trousers, Phillip Lim // Bag, Balenciaga // Sunglasses, Mosely Tribes

Each day is a comical fight between me and my hair. Its absolutely ridiculous sometimes. If I try to style it, it looks over styled... If I don't do anything, it literally looks a ball of bewilderment; then add some wind from a mountain top and POOF... madness!

Leva and I took an adventure up to the Griffith Observatory and the view was absolutely breathtaking. As a Los Angeles native, I never find myself in tourist driven locations but this is a wonderful site to see for anyone. A must for any visitors planning a trip to the City of Angeles.

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3.7.12 // Decades Reborn.

Inspiration drawn from time ago... reincarnated to remind us the history of fashion is a wonderful thing. This bell sleeve Jupiter Rising mini dress by American Gold is a reflection of how fashion has changed but has not been forgotten.

Inundated with all the post modern designs we buy today, I sometimes tire from the norm and want to relive a time when fashion, music, and art were all connected. I feel that connection has been lost in present day and it is crazy to think that it has come and gone; a time when freedom, and expression were so revered.

I fell in love with the whole American Gold collection this season because of the stimulation I felt by it. The designs take me back to a time I will never witness and to me, that is some of the greatest art.

photos by: leva ann

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3.4.12 // Shadows and Light.

Necklace, Forever 21 // Silk Top, Vince // Chevron Fold Over Pants, Urban 1972 // Shoes, Steve Madden

I have been very annoyed lately by a lot of the blogging communities over saturation of, well, more of the same... I say this not for any other reason than I, myself, want to begin to shift in a different direction with all this viral energy so to speak. Plotting and to be revisited.

Got these really awesome chevron print pants from Urban 2972, so comfortable and the pattern is everything I love. As much as I love to wear tons of maxi dresses and skirts of mass proportions, my everyday life consists mostly of more practical items and these make that cut.

We cant be overly glamorous everyday... Sometimes its nice to find cool things that are easy and low maintenance to wear. I find it to make a nice wardrobe mix.

photos by: Nik Frost

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3.1.12 // Gold Skull and Vines.

In the throes of buying a place with my husband, Nik, hence the inconsistent posting that I normally like to avoid... So sorry! Getting ready to build out The Maven Post office finally and it's beyond exciting; it's a dream come true. TMP will move to offer more than just personal style pictures of myself and the clothes & accessories I love to embark on a new journey of brand consulting and marketing (my schooling) and become a magical showroom for anything and everything fashion. Beyond crazy, but this is the exciting new stuff I have been waiting to tell. With already 2 major clients for marketing as well as a bloggers closet heaven, The Maven Post is growing in to a well rounded fashion hub with a studio and racks of clothes that I better double dead lock.... ;)

This gorgeous dress was sent to me by Sheinside and I am so in love with it! Its elegant yet edgy touch. There are so many ways to wear it... Absolute cuteness and totally affordable!

The gold bird skull necklace is by an amazing girl designer, Emilie Thomas whose work I am so very fond of.
Emilie Thomas is a London-based jewellery designer who created bold pieces that are beautiful for the confident woman. She is not only a jewellery designer but also a wax carver who creates all her pieces by hand. Her inspiration comes from antique jewelry, anatomy, taxidermy and her love of animals which I share myself. She makes her unique and individual peices with the belief that jewellery can truly transform your whole look and the way you feel, which is so true. An artist to check out and covet. Everything in her collection is amazing. You can get my bird skull necklace at this site, Boticca, and love it forever.

photos by: Nik Frost

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