3.15.12 // Stair(ing).

Coat, Vince // Collar Necklace, Vintage // Scarf, Missoni // Silk Pants, T by Alexander Wang

I have had this Vince overcoat for some time now but it really never got cold enough to wear it. Its raining this weekend so I will be able to pull it out finally! I really love Vince and all of their timeless, easy pieces.

Nik and I are now in our new loft which is so exciting. I have this new obsession with home furniture and fun things for my house instead of clothing at the moment.

My beloved Justin Cooper (aka twin) called me today from New York. I just have to say how much I love you and miss you Justin. Hey! You were there when I bought my coat! ;) I have been missing all my friends lately but life is so hectic.

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  1. Awesome look- so mysterious! Like the coat with hood and ballerinas - casual and chic!